Select Piano Works believes in maintaining the tradition of quality for generations to come.

Discover the world of fine piano restoration. Discover a deeper sense of wonder and passion for this remarkable instrument—and an admiration for the great piano artisans of years gone by. Their legacy defined a timeless standard of quality and excellence and was responsible for enduring the many decades of the piano’s development which have made it the most popular and cherished musical instrument of all time.

The Select Piano Works Philosophy

Piano makers of the past took great pride in what they were building, always using materials of the highest quality. Their choice of wood and precision craftsmanship is why those pianos are worth restoring back to their original condition. Unfortunately, many pianos today are assembled and restored on a production line where speed is the number one objective. At Select Piano Works, great pride is taken in each restoration. All work is completed by hand—from fitting the pinblock to hanging the hammers, and finally, hand rubbing the new lacquer finish. I pledge to use only the highest quality materials and parts. Each step in my rebuilding process has the goal of insuring the optimum touch, tone and appearance.